Hearts Of Atlantis

I just watched Hearts in Atlantis just now starring Anthony Hopkins. Pretty darn good good movie, though it really didn’t follow the book (like any movie based on a book actually would) well it’s still good. Anyway, the movie made me think of a few things…that when we’re young, a day seems to last forever, but the older you get, it would seem that it was over in a blink of an eye. In that case…would our future be here even before we realise it? How much more time must we waste before we realise we haven’t got time for anything else?

I realised one thing today as I was walking to meet my girlfriend. Right now…I’ve got almost all I could ask for. Connections, a great education, a sense of purpose, love, overall contentment. I can’t complain now can I? No, I most certainly can’t. Then this movie with that message I understand. It’s got to be one of those signs. Maybe life is telling me this isn’t a time to be wasted on enjoying what I have, maybe it’s all about using what I have for something else. Right now, time is almost at a standstill for me…but what am I doing? How much farther would I go before it would seem to be over in a blin of an eye? I’ve got to at least make my mark at this time…at this very moment. At least make it seem like it was all for something.

Hehe…maybe that’s what this blog is all about. Memories that don’t fade, just bits of ones and zeros that last as long as there is enough storage. In the end though…I guess that’s all the past. But what about the future? What does that leave for us? I don’t know…future is not written yet…it’s still being written. As long as we can see possibilities, see the future cometh, then I guess…it won’t just pass us by won’t it? At least we can catch a glimpse of it as it passes us by…as it moves into the memories of the past. Maybe then, time would be worth the minute we live in won’t it? That no youth was wasted, that nothing can be said isn’t worth living for.

Mellow thoughts…:]

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