Hey I’m Still Waiting

Tomorrow marks the opening of Matrix: Reloaded. Tomorrow morning also marks the 100th time I watch The Matrix. How is it that one movie can mean so much to anyone? I’m not just talking about what Matrix means to just me, but other movies to other people. How they become so transfixed…so swallowed up by the movie. From Star Wars to Jurassic Park, Terminator to Titanic. I know of people that watched moies like Titanic 12-13 times in the cinema. That’s like way more than me watching Matrix 8 times over in the cinema. Maybe it’s the way the story appeals to our deepest desires. Whether love or life. Friendship or foe. Good or Evil. Ech story…each telling has their own way of charming us, to bring us out from our reality to live in that which we build in our mind.

Speaking of which…I’m at a dead end writing my script. So far I’ve dug up the facts, but I haven’t a clue how to make it into something humourous. I mean I have writen plays before…but those are fiction, not fact. I need inspiration…I wonder what movie can do that. I doubt Matrix is any less a fact than fiction…or is it? Now…The Dragon Boat Festival. How do I make it seem more interesting than it is? How do I appeal to the masses?

If I was much as a good writer I’d have something right about now. But all I can think of are the facts, not the funnies. I definitely need something to insipre me. Got to finish the rough script by tonight so that I can at least work on the funnies tomorrow. Sad thing is the deadline is this Friday.

Hmmm…what would Neo do in a situation like this. Probably erase the fact that he had to do this in the first place. Hell…I need some chocolate. I need it now. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Can’t wait to free my mind.

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