Hiatus Ends…

Thanks to the support of some people, after 6 months of not posting anything, I’m back this time…and I guess. I have to boil it down to basics first. I know I wanted things like Java scripting and Flash or even a dedicated server for me to blog on. But some people convinced me that it’s not how flashy your site is…its what you have that matters. I was so concerned about the look of my site…I forgot that it’s about what is in it that counts. Guess thats not so different than the looks of people eh?

So anyway…I’m starting off from the beginning. Starting slowly for that matter…maybe I’ll get a site to host, maybe not. But as far as it goes my blog will be as big and flashy as the time I have to tweak it (hey I’m an obsessive tech tweaker so sue me).

So thanks to those that kept bugging me to write something back at my site (you know who you are). I’ll just do what I can to write what I am…that’s what blogging is about. Who you are and what you are about.

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