Hold On To Your Horses…

Why is it we desire what we cannot have? Why drives us to want to own that which we do not posses? Whether material or even within ourselves, why is it that we be willing to kill to have something that others posses, yet once we have it, we eventually leave it aside to be forgotten and taken for granted.

It makes absolutely no sense to the practical minded. Unless the rewards obtained from persuing what we don’t have previously is worth all the time and money and the eventual discarding of whatever it is we try so hard to get, then why bother putting yourself through all that misery? Why too do we always never give a second look for what we worked hard to get in the first place? It makes no sense.

This is especially true when it comes to relationships. No matter where I go, there will always be this guy who tries so hard to win over a girl who in the beginning is well…not reachable. It’s even true that the more the girl play hard-to-get, the more attractiv she will be towards the men who find her qualities (whatever that may be) attractive. But once these people finally get the girl they desire…eventually…whatever they did to win the girl over…goes away. Like they never wanted to keep the relationship in the first place.

To that all I can say is…”Huh?” It makes no sense whatsoever. Hell…I’ve seen better results from people who didn’t even try to win their significant other. People who were in a “I-Didn’t-Know-We-Were-A-Couple” situation, people who took their time and weren’t so desperate to win the other person over. I’ve seen those relationships actually last longer in many cases and even if it doesn’t…10 to 1 they are not going to part on a bitter basis. How does that happen? My guess is patience and playing smart…at least that’s my guess.

How does that apply to the rest of us? Well…even if you’re not in a relationship, would it kill you to just slow down on trying to get what other people have or what you can’t get now? I mean seriously…unless it really IS a life or death situation, would it be so bad to just take a step back, take a deep breath and slowly work towards what you want on your own sweet time instead of rushing through things?

You’re more likely to appreciate the fruits of your labour anyway. Going at your own pace would definitely give you the edge you need to see possible mistakes and fix problems before they even start or get worse. Whether it may be a personality you didn’t like in a person or a flaw you didn’t see in the design, ironically no wanting something is the best way you’re ever going to get the best of that something.

Sometimes there is a time to rush to get the things you need. But for the most part…patience is something required to get what we want in life. Now if you excuse me…I need to inch my way to the bathroom. There is something that needs to be done…

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