Hopeless 101…

They are the dying breed. They are a hardy breed. They have existed in rarity thoughout the ages…but their legacies will have had echoed beyond their passing in the memory of their deeds. They are revered by those that follow in their footsteps trying to find their own place in memory. They are dismissed and scoffed by a modern cynical society as a fictional character born out of stories and myths.

They are the hopeless romantics.

So who are these romantics?

Well to begin with. By definition romantics are soulful or amorous idealists. Which pretty much sums up into one thing. Love for them is an something to be cherished and celebrated in the most that it can be. With all their body, mind, heart and soul.

What do people consider romantic anyway? I mean…you hear tales of people performing extrodinarily sweet things on anniversaries, valantine’s day, proposals for marriage and the likes. People who travel far to buy as many roses as they have been together over the years. People who engrave personally sweet nothings on an engagement ring…or on their buttocks for reason. People who spell out the words “Will you marry me” on a giant screen during a ball game.

The possibilities are endless.

Then again…being a romantic isn’t in doing something major of a special day at a time. No. Being a romantic is about living those special days everytime. Every moment of the love cherished because it means something. Something everlasting and eternal. That’s why romantics endure throughout time. That’s why the cynical world doesn’t believe in them.

For a person to commit to something so fragile, so relentlessly like love. Few people truly understand the level that it takes to drive yourself that far without any obvious reward. That’s why in the end romantics are the stuff of legends and myths. Successful romantics are written in the deeds of neverending devotion and self sacrifice to the people they love and cherish.

The kisses you wake up to. The poems always pasted on the bathroom mirror. The roses on the breakfast table. The sweet nothings whispered at work. The candle lit dinner waiting when you always come back. The warm bath with rose petals always prepared and ready. The warm kiss goodnight. The gentle security and wamth of the cuddle. The sweet embrace of a peaceful sleep.

Maybe some people find that repetitive day in day out…then again…would you find such constant devotion to you to be a hassle? Would anyone deny being loved that way for the rest of their lives?

I hardly think not.

People only are sceptical of it not lasting and would deny it now to prevent themselves from being hurt in the future. Which is why romantics are a dying breed. People would rather believe the worst in people than the best. Sometimes…they lose what could be the best in a person without realising it.

So yeah…if you are really trying to prove your worth and devotion to the one you love. It isn’t in those single moments in time. It isn’t in the money that you spend or the places that you take them to. It’s just in the constant quiet moments. It’s in those times when they wake up to the time they fall into dreamscape. It’s the times which you take to remind them of one thing.

That you will always be there with them.

That you will always be there for them.

That you will always run through with them in the brightest of lights.

That you will always hold them tight and smile in the darkest of nights.

That you will always love them..for as long as the eternity stretches.

You will always love them

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