Hot And Sweaty

Hot…so hot. My goodness, I heard of getting into the spirit of reading but being this hot and humid while you’re flipping through chapters of Dune is ridiculous. It’s hard to concentrate on reading, its harder to concentrate on doing my work. Got a splitting headache for almost the whole day going back and forth between the banners I’m supposed to make for my college’s Open Day and Orientation. I blame it on El-Nino…which I think may be coming up soon because the weather is seriously going screwy over here.

Didn’t even have time to think of anything for my New Years Resolution as well…it has to be something sensible and inspiring. Come to think of it…I noticed that most people that do write their own resolutions these days tend to keep to most of it. That’s a good thing…it’s either you don’t do it at all or you do it through and through.

At least people are trying to better themselves…unless of course their resolution states something like “I shall rob many banks and be rich from all the booty…BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!“. I guess a person with that resolution would have to have some additional ones which states “I will remember to put on a ski mask or at least hide my more or less hideous face from the public eye” and the definite “I will not die in a massive shootout with the police if ever I lock myself out from my getaway vehicle“.

Makes you wonder whether or not criminals are people without any goals in life…or the fact that the have really bad goals in life. Then again…everyone on earth is a criminal anyway so it doesn’t really matter…its just that we don’t really take notice whether you’re stealing office supplies or buying bootleg copies of the yet-to-be-released Windows Longhorn. I don’t know which is even sadder…the fact that we even commit petty crimes or the fact that we turn a blind eye to it in the first place.

Oh well, we’ll leave that to the philosophers to wonder about. Right now I intend to cool myself down from this accursed heat and keep thinking of some nice attainable resolutions next year. Maybe I can consider robbing a bank…hmmm…then I would need a ski mask…

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