I Am Therefore I Think…

Hmmm…here is something I don’t do everyday. I went to a psychology conference. It was long…but nevertheless worthwhile. I gave me alot to to think about…not to mention alot to eventually blog about, which I would be doing over the course of the week unless of course…something else pops up…which it usually does.

Anyway, one of the main highlights of the workshops I attended today was about knowing your own career personality. How bout that…based on the Holland Code…one of the jobs I’m most suited for is…a coroner. Wow…that’s karmic law for you. It must have been the time I did that killer presentation on the Timeline of Death (seriously, no pun intended). To top it off, another job I’m most suited for…a perfumist. I was like…”What?!” My sinuses can’t stand barely 10 feet away from the smells and that’s what I can be suited for? Gee…life’s not without it’s sense of irony alright.

But it ain’t so bad…at least they are some jobs suited for me that I’m already interested in taking. Immunologist for instance. That’s a brownie point alright. Hell…that was one of the things I was looking forward to once I complete my Phd. So that’s not bad too. Whats next on the list…Chief Psychologist. Now I like the ring to that one. “Hi I’m Dr. Edward West…Chief Psychologist of so-and-so Instituition…” Hey hey…I can get used to that. But of course, I don’t take psychology and I feel that they are better ways to help humanity.

The top of the lot I really like…Research Associate. Now THAT’S a job I’m aiming for in life. Not a cardiologist, not a nurse. A research associate. Yeah…now THAT’S something I want to add to my card. That’s something I want when I fill up forms and tell people in dinner parties. “Hi I’m Dr. Edward West…Research Associate in Human Genetics” I like it…has a better ring to it than Chief Psychologist. Now that’s what we call finding your true calling. Oh well…that’s probably why we love all these things anyway. To better understand ourselves and the choices we make.

What do you do as a research associate?

I play God and get paid.

Oh wow…that’s an attraction in dinner parties alright. Go figure…:)

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