I Believe I Can Fly…

One of the workshops I attended yesterday was about Cognitive Psychology. Which if I’m not mistaken was about how perception and thought are interelated. Now that’s something to really look into. It really wasn’t detailed in it’s explaination, but from what I gather…as much as our sense of reality governs our perception, perception itself prety much governs a physical reality. In effect…we can shape reality by literally believing it.

Of course they are limits to this. I doubt people are going to start hopping across buildings a.k.a Matrix Style by literally thinking about it…or can they? I’ll come back to that later. Anyway, one of the things we have to get past here is there there musn’t be any doubt in your mind that what you believe is what is physically real. I mean ABSOLUTELY no doubt in your mind…not your conscious or sub-conscious. Now that’s something not many people can do …when’s the last time YOU felt so clear about anything even though you felt like doing it?

Somehow for some of us…there will always be that doubt…that nagging second guessing in our minds. Overcoming that however is the first step to altering our reality.

Maybe that’s why affirmations really do work…especially when it’s about ourselves. We keep writing about it day by day and eventually when it becomes habitual, we will have no doubt in our minds. We actually 100% believe that it can happen. When that does…accomplishing whatever we set affrimed is no short of a victory. However I have yet to see Dilbert eaten by a slug that Dogbert keeps writing about. Maybe Dogbert changed his affirmations…who knows…?

So what about the life that we lead? Where does that lead us? Would we eventually be able to hop across buildings by literally believing that we can? Maybe…maybe it’s not as hard as we think, or maybe we’re thinking in the wrong way. Whatever it is, if the reality we see it can be altered by literally altering our perceptions and beliefs. That means literally nothing in this universe is impossible. It’s just a matter of how far we’re willing to alter our perceptions.

Maybe there is a little God in all of us…more than we can possibly imagine…

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