I Can Read Palms…

Man…this is going to seem like a theme for the week. From mankind’s lack of curiosity to the fanatism of science. I know I was talking about how pseudoscience and mysticism plays on the ignorance of the masses. How a large majority of the population hold on to ancient customs and beliefs, and practice them in the belief that their futures can be read, bad luck can be avoided and good things can be promoted all round.

We consult palm (not the PDA) readers, feng shui experts, tarot card and oracle readers, spiritual mediums or just about any kind of soothsayers out there in the hopes that the unknown future to us would be known. That at least some light will be cast upon us in the dying of the night. I mean…you can’t blame society for putting so little faith on science anyway. Science has been repeatedly portrayed by the media as the causes for destruction and madness. It is the media and religious right-wingers that are to blame for such wrongful misinformation and twisted half truths on science.

But if we can’t beat them…at least understand them. The problem too in why science is unable to grasp the community in general is because of one thing…it confuses the HELL out of people. We never make it interesting for people, we take for granted that they could already see the beauty that is science and that their choice to avoid it has nothing to do with the fact they find it irrelavant to their lives. The scientists try so hard to debunk those pseudosciences without trying to understand why people look to them.

I mean…which would you prefer? Possibility of hope or the bleakness of truth? No brownie points there for guessing which would you normally pick. Maybe there is a scientific way to bridge both worlds. I mean…magic IS science unexplained…not just exploited. There IS some truths underneath all those myths. All we need to do is understand it. All the scientific community needs to do is open their minds to the possibility that there are things although hokey…can make sense if we just for once put our minds to it.

I don’t know…I myself am not a true believer nor am I a harsh critic on pseudosciences and mysticism. I pride myself as a person of science and as that…we shouldn’t dismiss what we cannot see as false or impossible without the facts to prove or disprove otherwise.

After all…any person of science would know nothing in this world is impossible…highly improbably…but never impossible.

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