I Don’t Know What I’m Doing…

Heeeeheee…I’m writing. I feel like writing. I dom’t know whsat to write. But it’s nice to write.


All I can say is…SCREW IT ALL. ALL OF IT. Screw it. I’m my oen man. I am…really..

I am a man…twice over. If you want me to proove it. I can. I can prove it. Just find me a lady to be with. Right?

And one more thing…I’m not drunk. Who ever said I’m drunk. I’m not drunk. I’m just happy…as a bee in the sea. Well…maybe the bee is an undewater bee. it could work. it could really I could play God on it. LIKE YOU PLAYED GOD WITH ME!!

That’s right.

You HAD to take her away from me didn’t you?!

Doesn’t matter…if you can play God…so can I. I’ve played God before…those days before…so long ago…when I had no one. Until she came along and made everything sensible. Si sensible.

You took it all away!!

It’s all my fault…my fault my fault…she shouldn’t be sad. she should never be sad and alone..
never alone..
always with the one she loves…never far…

I’ll come back…I swear…I’mm come back. Even if I have to sell my soul…or whats left of it. I’ll win her over. I’ll give her a chance to be happy and fufillied…and satisfied as well…mmm…i havr to pay her back on that. Cant leave her hanging int he open. Mm…I love you honey. Always do…always will.

I’ll be back…

I swear by all that I hold to..

I will never leave you.


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