I Had Nothing To Do With It…

Have you ever heard of the phrase “It’s always best left to imagination“? Yeah…looking back at my life and what I always did as a kid or what I’m doing now and what I am planning to do in the future. I think most of it is best done with imagination. You know why alot of things in my life was best spent with my imagination? I’ll give you the reason why.

I was bored.

Makes you wonder if ingenius and creative intellectuals were just plain bored. You know…spending day after day building a world around themselves, creating new ideas out of the old and reshaping future realities as they see it. I mean…as far as I know…alot of them were people who sat on rocks thinking about life, people who read Jules Verne thinking about space and beyond, people who looked at the stars wondering if there is life beyond what we see, people who squatted by the side of the dirt roads poking ants with a stick (and hopefully not eating them OFF the stick)

Definitely a lot of time on their hands.

Me…I spent my time reading non stop. I remember the first science fiction book I read. Dune. Yeah…you know what? The first time I read it…I have absolutely NO idea what they were talking about. Hey…I was young then…so sue me. Yeah…then came Issac Asimov which totally blew my mind away with the Foundation and 2001 Space Odyssey series.

That got my mind racing alright.

Think of all the things we haven’t done before. Think of all the beauty and horror of places we haven’t yet been or things we haven’t yet seen. Of course…that’s what science is to me. A chance to find out the things previously unknown to me. To really go where no man has gone before.

Oh yeah…TV was a big help there alright. All the Sci-Fi shows out there, you name it I’ve watched it. I remember V, that was scary as a kid. Then came shows like Star Trek and all its spin offs. Oooh ooh…don’t forget Quantum Leap as well…and Alien Nation…and War of the Worlds. God they were so many shows.

I think Macgyver, Mission: Impossible andA-Team I loved too because they made thing happen just like that. You take something and make it into the coolest gadgets ever. What person could not see the appeal to that?

Of course that lead to alot of things over the years. Making explosives, building stuff from junk, the various animal dissections, the repeated social reengineering experiments or even the new found interests into network “security”. So I might have bent a few laws from here to North Dakota, but…science fiction and boredom made me do it. It’s just me trying to bring my childhood fantasies to life by trying to figure out the things that made all that drama and half-baked science fiction stories pretty damn cool. You can’t really blame me for being curious and all explorative can you?

So all those that has scoffed before…so what if I grow up to be an egghead. So what if I get to spend my days in the lab or half awake in the middle of the night looking at the spectrometer and making sure my experiment goes right. So what if half my mind is living in a world or my own imagination and thought. I’ve got one thing to say to that.

At least I still get to make dreams a reality.

How many other people can say that about their jobs anyway?

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