I Have Issues…?

Wow…concentrating on priorities does have its benefits. For a stroke of good faith and fortune, I can breath a little easier. My heart still beats like it’s going to burst out from my chest, but…by God…some things do in fact work themselves out when you stick to what’s important. Thanks for listening Big Chief…You always seem to be there when we most need someone to listen.

When it comes the timeline which I started blogging, I’m fairly new at this. I may have started blogging last year, but I’ve only like started to join the community…well…recently. So where does that leave me? I’m like the amoeba that went on holiday. I don’t know any personal issues flying around and personally…I don’t know if I want to be that curious about those personal issues that are flying around.

Why do I say this? Because it has slowly come to my attention that they are ALOT of personal issues flying around especially in the blogging community I hang around. I don’t usually delve deep into people’s issues with other people unless of course…I’m asked to. But…from all aspects of what I’ve seen so far…man…some people have more personal beef in their social life than I have. Hell…after what I know so far…my personal issues with people seems like a stroll down the beach with a straw hat on my heat and a fruit punch in hand.

My only question is…when you folks spend more time defending and going on the offensive with the people you know. Would you really be in the spirit of blogging? I mean…yeah…you’re speaking your mind and all that. That I understand…but since when does the first amendment (the right to free speech) mean that you can unleash your misgivings on other people? We all have issues…I have issues with certain people…but I certainly won’t start using my blog as an outlet to start throwing stones. If I wanted to do that…I would have joined some teen forum or some IRC chatroom somewhere.

I don’t know…blogs are supposed to be this thing where you can share your thoughts and ideas and hopefully people can understand some part of you. But when we spend more time trying to defend our ideals because some people are on the offensive or we think people are on the offensive. We do the worst thing we should do…we close ourselves up from the world we should be sharing ourself with. We stop giving out the things that really do matter and spend most of our time trying to “outwit” (in the kindest possible terms) each other

We already to that in the real world…see where that got alot of us. Give us…all of us a chance to understand each other. If you don’t like that person…fine…don’t visit their blog. Don’t just start trying to crack that verbal whip. No one has to cast the first stone if you choose not to. That’s ONE advantage to being online. There are so many other people out there anyway with blogs…I’m sure we can all find our niche.

Maybe you say I’m naive when it comes to blog “politics”. Maybe you’re right, but if I wasn’t this ignorant about it, I don’t think I would have the guts to say what needs to be said. I just want people to understand each other in a world so bent on hiding our true selves. All it takes is people to realise that “hey…I can stop this…I don’t have to prove I’m right“.

Isn’t that what the net is truly about? So everyone can learn to get along dispite our circumstance? So which wrong turn did some of us make this time?

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