I Have Proof…

Victory couldn’t not have tasted any more sweeter than if it wasn’t marred by an oversight. If I actually took detailed reports on the events culmalating to this moment, I would have proven not only the existance of a higher being, but the fallacy of organised religion as a whole. At best I would have shown that good things does indeed come to those that haven’t lost faith in themselves.

Unfortunately all I have is my blog.

In any case, I have my two days more of bliss. I have my time back to me. I dared question the Big Chief and lo behold I have what I needed. The precious time to spend with the girl I love. To me…maybe whatever people are so afraid of. The scores of people who don’t believe in a higher force or the scores of people who fear that higher force. Maybe it doesn’t matter at all. Maybe in altering the world around you…all that it takes is to have faith in life…and faith in yourself. God’s part of life anyway…so putting faith and questioning God is the same thing as having faith and questioning life.

There are no rules to say how much we should kiss and suck-up.

No one likes an ass kisser.

Few hours ago, maybe my insecurity played the better part of me. Maybe her fears played the better part of her. In any case, I know I was wrong and I appologise. She knew she was wrong and she appologised. In any case its good to hear the words you so long desire to echo your mind. It’s good to hear those words of affection and devotion. Words that are meant to inspire trust and commitment. Words that impart sacrifice and rewards.

It’s good to know that a friend was watching over us.

It’s good to know that there is peace in that touch.

Maybe on my part, but I would like to think the same on her part as well.

So what do we get out of these few days?

That there is always a good? That optimism and will alters reality? That there is a higher being? That nothing is what it seems especially to what we cannot see? That faith something you want is stronger than any belief out there? Whatever the lesson learnt, whatever the lesson any one of you pick out from this. All I can say is that optimism begets optimism.

What ever I have endured, whatever I will endure.

These are the moments I have to cherish.

They are all I have.

They are all any one of us has…

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