I Know What You Did…

Ever seen a person smile at you so warmly, yet behind those eyes you can see the hints of something more than he or she lets on? Better yet…ever smiled to another person so warmly and played dumb knowing well that you’re mantaining a lie to all who see you? Ever felt torn between keeping what you know within you and sharing what you know to others? Or are you one of those people who sleep more soundly at night because you know things that no one else knows?

That’s what you do almost everyday of your life. What everyone does every waking moment they are with other people. We smile, we laugh with each other, sometimes we share our burdens as often as our joys. But upon all that closeness of being, the one thing always remain same…each and every one of us has secrets. Secrets that can change the very way even the closest of friends look at us. Secrets that can destroy the very person you try to keep it from.

The more you see, do and experience, the more responsible for the information that you hold within you. Some responsibilities come at a price. Sometimes you know things you shouldn’t have known in the first place…so what do you do with it? Do you decide to tell others? Do you keep it inside? How much trouble can you get if you do decide to reveal some juicy secrets. That’s why there are reasons WHY things should remain a secret. But nooo…people like to talk more than they listen. Why else are our mouths bigger than the holes in our ears combined?

The funniest thing in a situation like this is when A tells B a secret and proceeds to tell B to keep it a secret. Then B tells C the secret and proceeds to swear C to secrecy. In the end C not knowing where the secret comes from tells A about it while A keeps a straight face on who that secret came from.

Sound familiar? Bet you’ve been in a situation like that before sometime or another. It’s just inescapable. Of course some secrets make sense NOT to tell. I doubt you’re going to tell your next door neighbour you just had an affair with the OTHER next door neightbours wife. If you’re going to bad about it, makes sense to actually keep quiet.

But then it does make you wonder. What other secrets does a person keep that is so destructive that they can’t tell you. I know I know…it’s their secret to share and tell. Even though I wonder…I personally don’t care. It’s just my nature to be curious sponge person. Nevertheless…knowing the right secrets does give you a sense of power. The more information you control, the more valuable a person you are to the right people. In this world we live in…control can mean alot to our own lives, present and future.

But…that’s just me being a secret-loving bâtard…:) No harm, no foul. So…got any secrets to share? I promise I won’t tell…

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