I See A Bright Light…

Man…I have to do blog meets more often. It’s seriously like that phrase where you open that box of chocolates. You can get stale ones and good ones. This time I seriously got one good bag of fillings. I met a guy, a great guy, a guy who would shine that unlimited bandwidth light and free me from the eternal damnation of a ad-filled hell. The schemantics don’t usually matter, but wow…when you’re in need of something…things do present itself to you at the right time.

Meeting people whom you only know through their blogs is can be accurate…somewhat. I mean in general we know that for the most part we write blogs based on who we are. We give our opinions and otherwise share some part of our lives with whoever chooses to read it. So most bloggers may be narcissist to some degree….but hey…who isn’t?

It just makes it easier for any of us to meet in in real life. Much easier than say when you meet someone you know on IRC or MSN. Why? Because for the most part people who blog willingly want to TELL people about their lives and how they do it give people a sense of not just what they do, but who they are as people. You can’t get that much when you just talk to people online because in the end most of us like to hide the “ugly” parts of ourselves under so many questions.

I don’t know…maybe because between the blogging and chatting comunity, the blogs that I do end up visiting repeatedly at least have that sense of maturity and sensibility that I find severly lacking when it comes to chatting online. Maybe it’s the way the media is presented, maybe it’s the way people tend to give a second thought before they write something, maybe it’s the fact that people who blog more are people who spend more time doing things in the real world than people who spend most of their nights on IRC sifting through hoards of flooded messages and sexual innuendos. That makes a whole lot of difference when it I want to take someone seriously or with a pinch of salt.

So are the people who I met in the blog meet exactly the way I pictured them? Personally…to some extent. Or course, I only really started paying attention to their blogs, so I won’t say I have their picture painted in my mind yet. But at least it helps me understand the people they are, whether they study or teach, work or loaf around, married or single, eccentric or plain loony. Just helps anyone of us really form connections with each other. Isn’t that what any of us really want? Just to have someone to understand and accept us?

Oh…on one last note…my own personal saviour…doesn’t have a blog. In fact, I still don’t know why he came…but he came anyway. He’s the man…Mr. lowyat.net himself. Humble in origins and the person any technogeek would want to be. I salute thee mon capitan and I swear…I’m innocent…I’m perfectly ethical in my doings. I did not break any rules…:)

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