I Want It…I Want It…!!

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.

Of course, anyone who reads that would know that’s the 7th commandment good ol’ Moses got. It’s unusual that I’m actually quoting something from the Bible, but hey…most that know me by now know I have a point to this. Somehow I can think of many things with that come with that sentence, but I’ve got one thing to say in particular when I see that verse.

Yeah right.

I mean seriously, how many of you didn’t at least wish that you had something your friend has? It’s standard human nature. We always want the things that someone else already has. When we see someone with a great girl, a cool guy, a nice handphone, great clothes, some wierd accesories no one else has heard off. Anything we like that we don’t have…we crave it. We sometimes deire it so much we’re willing to do anything for it…and I mean anything for it.


I don’t know. I mean…I have my own cravings too. Seeing people with the Nokia 3650, 3660 or 6600 or the Sony-Ericson P900. It’s a hunger for me. I don’t need it…hell…I have my own handphone. But I want it. I want it bad. But that’s not so bad anyway.

I’ve seen worse.

I’ve seen men and women crave after the significant ones of others, hunger after them because it started with a crush and now turned into an obsession. I’ve seen them actually PHYSICALLY come between a relationship because they can’t stand the guy they like go out with their best friend of all things.

Yet ironically, what turns out to be so bad is also what gave us alot to thank for. Think about it, you want something…want it enough to be willing to work for it? Want it enough to actually have several goals to walk through to get it? How’s that not beneficial? You think this craving just applies to superficial things and lustful desires? What about the desire to be held in the arms of another? To love and to be loved back? What about the craving for peace in the world? The desire to have that peaceful life your friend always seems to have?

What about craving just to escape this chaotic world we’re trapped in?

Every bad has a good and vive versa. There is nothing wrong in coveting the things that other people have. Nothing wrong at all. It’s our methods that are put into question…not our will for it. Why would you deny yourself the things you want because some people can’t do it right? Denying yourself is like denying who you are. We all know that leads to some pretty bad bad things indeed. As long as you keep your methods ethical…no reaon why you should want what others have. It’s all good and fair.

Though…I don’t think I want to covet someone’s ass…unless it’s a cute one. But that’s beside the point and another story…

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