Ignorance Is Never Bliss

Follwing the advice from Finding Nemo’s Dori (with a bit of modifications), I just keep going and going one step at a time. Despite the fact that Blogger has been going nuts in the last 24 hours from downtime to FTP server failure. I’m still going by this blog modification bit by bit at a time. Just as well too…no way I can do everything at once dispite the fact my finals starts this Friday.

Which reminds me…must finish Biochemistry by today.

Anyway…here is something for thought…how much truth can you actually afford to give out before people start hating what you say? I mean…we all say truth is always better right? But how much of it can be good and how much can destroy things. You take blogging for instance. How many of us have had SOME brushes with misunderstanding because we had someone we didn’t want find out what we thought?

Then aside from that some people say they want the truth when we know very well a large part of us cant even take it. We whine and curse the person who showed us the truth in the first place. Cypher in The Matrix is one good example. Then another thing is that we get good advice we take is for all its worth…but when we find out its from a guy who served 10 years for armed robbery we either forget it was even his advice or we forget the advice and any subsequent conversations after that. That’s why even the façades we play in real life are lies meant to cover the truth because we fear people will hate us for who we are.

Is this a kindof world you want to live in? A world where we are afraid of being and showing who we are because we are afraid of people avoiding us? What kind of hypocrisy is this? It’s either you want and deal with the truth or not at all…at least to me ignorance isn’t bliss at all…so I’ve only got one choice left which is truth and all of it no matter how bad it is. I just don’t know…it just pains me to see people being so superficial in who they are because they don’t take steps to handle what they should know. To see people hiding under their masks until it all blows up in their faces and the shit hits the fan. Just hope someone out there is trying to make a difference as well.

Anyway, I think I remembered what i forgot to do…ahhh…that’s right…keep studying Biochemistry…just keep studying…just keep studying…

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