I’m Back And Fighting…

Well…unless you really know me well. I guess writing this again means I’m back from my unofficial hiatus. In a way I needed to recollect my thoughts. In a way I needed to give something a thought. So yes…while blogging is a large part of my life…there are more important things to life than writing down what you feel. But in the end after all that’s been thought, all that’s been said and all that’s been done.

Some things would have changed.

Some things would always stay the same.

I still can’t understand why people shy away from war. Why do people claim that wars and conflicts are bad for us, that peace is so much better? It doesn’t make sense when you realise that while wars bleed lives away…in life…there are other worse ways to bleed.

We live a life of a perpetual war.

We make it through day after day in a constant struggle for survival from the moment we were born to the constant struggle to live from the moment we walk out into the world without a shelter. We fight for the grades we want, the jobs we need, the goals we are trying to achieve…the loves we can’t live without.

Wars may bleed away lives, it may take away our homes, our livelihood and even our loved ones. But at least we know the enemy, we know who the enemy is. We know there is a side to stand, someone to fight, a way to win for as long as you are willing to fight.

How many people can say that about life?

How many of us realise that in life…life itself is the enemy. Life without knowing, without fighting for what you want, for what you need, chips away the fabric of our existence, silently and completely while we’re too busy being the sheep lead to a slaughter. Life can give you so much to hope for, to live for, to die for.

Then again…life is not just beautiful as it is also cruel.

The worse part of living is tasting a slice of heaven and being denied it in the end. Life giveth and life taketh away. Take away our grades, our careers, our loved ones, our hopes, our dreams. Oh life is as merciless as a soldier with nothing to live for. Life can chip away our honour and dignity until we wake up one way a hollowed shell of our former self. The living zombie no different than the immediate survivors of the Nazi concentration camps during the holocausts.

Unless we fight that war.

Unless we learn that not all wars are fought in a battlefield of blood. Learn that not all conflicts can be solved by peace. Learn that not all the pain is found in blood. Learn that we fight a constant war everyday of our lives and it’ll never stop until someone dies or gives up. That’s the price of who we are. The nature of what we always were. We were born out of conflict, we thrive on the thrill of victory and the scent of the prey. Things like that don’t easily fade away even after fifty thousand years inside of us.

We have our own battles to fight.

We have our own ways to bleed.

We have our own victories to show.

We have our own scars to bear.

We have our losses to weep in.

Don’t you think it’s about time to stand up and fight to live?

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