I’m Irish

After watching Riverdance, I have concluded that I’m part Irish. Ok, so maybe I don’t have Irish blood in me. But the Irish people are my kinda people. They are proud people. Proud people with a haunting melodious culture encased in myth, full of joy, sorrow, adversity and triumph. People who dared take to the unknown and their decendants return to the place of their birth still echoing the spirit of old.

Aside from a sweltering hot LRT ride there and waiting really long to get back. It was really worth it all to go there. Who cares about going alone? Who cares about the cramped seats anyway? My hands were sore from clapping through half the show and its not just in applause as well. I just couldn’t stop moving to the beat and rhythm. Maybe I should really take up tapdancing soon….what do I have to loose anyway?

Oh well…I can reminiscence the show later. Right now I still got two more exams to get through. Stupid Statistics…I do hope I’m as good as I say I should be. Hard to prove a point when you don’t give what you promise. So must study….must keep studying…must watch the Riverdance DVD….no…must keep studying….

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