I’m Not Done Yet…

It’s WS-Day+4…

Each day I wonder, when will some of the things in my life end so that I can move on to the next phase of my life. It’s not that I can’t end it, oh how I’ve tried…but some things are beyond my control (wow…what a surprise there). Sometimes it takes more than one person to make sure something ends for good. All’s fair in love and war…I think by that context…they got something right.

So restlessness aside, it’s another thing I’ve got to leave aside until I’ve got to means to finish it and get on with other things in my life.

That’s…what I hate the most. I mean as far as I know it. They are alot of things in my life that I started, but never finished. It’s like my whole life there are scores of unfinished business. I mean…I’ve got two belts in martial arts yes…none of them black though (highest I have ever reached was Brown 2). I’ve got a novel in the making which spans…5 chapters. I’ve got a buggy I was supposed to finish with my friends that I never have time to go to now. I’ve got scores of unfinished business with people dating back to when I was in primary school.

Damn…that’s alot of unfinished business.

At this rate, if I ever die…I KNOW I’ll haunt this world. I’ve got enough unfinished business that my spirit is going to be here for a long long long long time to come trying to settle all that I started off to do. Christ man…where am I going to find a 1985 edition of Childcraft 4th Book that one of my primary school friends lent from me but never returned? I think some of them owe me some money even…or was that the other way round?

Am I going to wait until I’m 65 before I start looking for a way to settle that which I have yet to finish? Seeing the trail of unfinished business that I’m leaving, I swear, it’s going to take ANOTHER 65 years to settle them all by that time.

I’ve got to start breaking that habit of mine. I’ve got to start finishing what I’ve started…no matter how ugly the outcome of my task. It’s the only way…good or bad I’m going to get things done and start moving on in this world. I can’t move on until I’ve put my behind in my pastpast in my behind…my past behind me. One step at a time though…starting from priority first…I’ve got some time ahead of me later on after my finals (hopefully). So I might as well start dealing with the important ones before I leave for Australia…it’s the least I could do.

Hell…as much as it would be cool…I don’t want to spend eternity roaming my metaphysical ass around because I didn’t collect the money some kid in primary school owed me…

Would you…?

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