I’m Not Transsexual Either…

This might sound weird, but I might as well bring it up one time or another. Has ANYONE of you ever tried to imagine what it would be like being yourself as the opposite sex? I mean…not the transgendered, sex change kind. Just…well…what if you had been born into the body of the opposite sex but retained the qualities, personality and skill that make you who you are?

Has anyone of you wondered about that?

Alot of women say a guy would never last a day being a woman. This is essentially true. Even in my more “softer” moments…even Ju says I’d never survive being a woman…at least by physical standards. I mean guys…all you big tough he-men that has ever complained about the fact women are weak, that they are emotional or that nit-picky about whether or not the shoe will match the many handbags…or vice versa.

Trust me on this.


I’m not talking from personal experience here. I’m talking about it from a purely observational point of view. Think about it. First…how many guys do you know that have to go through constant pain every month huh? I know many girls. I’ve been with many girls. I can tell you one thing…stomach cramps are not something to laugh about. I’ve had stomach cramps before. They suck. Imagine having that for most of your life for a few days of every month.

I can imagine men rolling around moaning how uncomfortable it is.

Not a pretty sight.

Then for at least one point in a woman’s life, most will experience childbirth. You try having something the size of a large pomelo coming out from the part of your body which is originally the size of a 50 cent coin. Men cringe when they are constipated…gee…I wonder what they would say to childbirth. Hell…some women don’t even want to go through with it anyway.

What more men?

Of course…physical pain aside. It’s well known that women are emotionally stronger than men.

No…you don’t say.

Yes…I do say.

I mean…yes…men don’t usually reveal whatever they are feeling. Yes…women are usually more touchy feely. That just shows one thing. Men are less likely to be in touch with their emotions than women. Sure…men are tough on that exterior. But once you break through that, inside it is a mass of insecurities, fear and self doubt. Men…who spend most of their lives denying whatever feeling they have inside are ill equipt to deal with any of those emotions when they are brought to the surface.

So…when the push comes to an extreme shove…all that you’re left is a prolonged wimpering child.

Women on the other hand while being more in touch with their emotions, find it easier to be on the emotional rebound. Sure they are exceptions…which goes to say for men too. Then again…women are more likely to come to emotional grips of whatever they are facing no matter how hystarically melodramatic they are in the beginning because whatever they are feeling…they have faced it before…they know how to get back on their feet fast.

Like towering spires bend… never breaking against the wind.

So yeah…in a way…I do pride all that a woman can stand and do. I don’t want to BE one…and NO I’m still not gay…will you people lay of your preaching on me?! I just…admire everything that a woman is that’s all. We desire that which we cannot attain ourselves…and yeah…you are who I cherish the most.

I know my limits…as much as I try to push it, I know that where I stand and that’s pretty far from what you can do. I don’t feel weak when I stand beside you…more often than not I feel more confidant not in the things that you do…but in what I can learn from you. I trust your hand to guide mine as I trust it to guide Seymour and Sandra.

At the end of it all, I guess I have a lifetime or 3 to try and make it up to all that you are and all that you stand for.

A force to be reckoned with.

A force that is woman.

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