I’m Sexily Safe…

I said it to some people and I am going to say it again…I am NEVER going to look at another woman’s vagina the same way again (not that I look at many women’s vagina anyway). Hell…I won’t even look at the penis the same way again. Not when in the back of your mind you know what’s going to happen should it be infected with God knows what Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

I was originally going to blog about love and why love isn’t enough…but after doing my Microbiology assignment on STD’s. That’s taken all the “love” out of love…for the time being. Christ man…Irma was right…the best way to really practice safe sex is to stick up pictures of what happens when your genitals get infected. Imagine…on a packet of a condom a picture of some man’s penis looking wholly black with sores all over it. Definitely preaching safe sex on that one.

Oh when we’re sick, we can imagine the fever and the coughs and all that. But sores that ooze green-yellowish pus? Where do you put that at the back of your head? If you think imagining it is making you feel ill…imagine all the doctors that have to see that on a constant basis. Hell…I’ve been sifting through it for a day and I don’t have the mood anymore. This is worse than the time I had to sift through 4 days of gruesomely dead bodies for my presentation on the pathology of death.

Why is it the private parts are the parts we don’t usually take notice until we’re either having sex or something really goes wrong. Shouldn’t it be the parts we take care off the most? If we’re compressing human survival to it’s most basic need and importance…shouldn’t it be our reproductive organs? All of it? Yet we never take any notice of it at all…how many of us actually do pay attention to it in detail and not just as an extension of our sexual urge?

Urrghh…maybe if I stare at these pictures long enough I’ll get used to it, just like the dead bodies. Maybe I’ll become a monk and give up sex forever (some of you are probably laughing at that statement now). Maybe I can stop writing right here and get back to my work…yeah that’s a good idea.

Get back to writing about vaginal discharges…I’m sure that’s a GREAT opening line for parties…

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