I’m What…?

Continuing my short stop in things to finding out what I do best in life, I spent the trip to work looking back at how the past 3 weeks were and I realise now as I should have then that sometimes the best things anyone of us can do are the ones that never falter even in the worse of times.

They are the things you do without thinking.

I’m not sure whether this is a good example or not, but it was the only thing that came to mind while I was on the bus to work. This conversation sums up my entire week so far.

Friend: You know you’re a flirt.
Me: No I’m not.
Friend: Yes you are.
Me: Is that a bad thing?
Friend: I think it’s kinda cute.

Okay. First it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that my friend is female in gender. Second it that a cute flirt is not what I exactly have in mind as something that comes naturally for me.

I should know, this is from a person who spent his entire high school life in the shadows of other people’s social skills. This is from a person who feels most comfortable at home, on his bed with his laptop on him talking to people online. It just feels weird that’s all being called a flirt. I mean what am I supposed to do?

Accept it?

Deny it?

Frankly I haven’t the foggiest clue.

I suppose it is nice being called a cute flirt. I suppose if I ask my other friends they might say the same thing, which would probably be a good thing. In any case, I think let’s just keep it that way. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to change my homely lifestyle to see prove a point. I’m perfectly comfortable at home doing what I do.

If flirting is another thing that I do best.

Let’s not change the way it has always been working so far.

If there is anything I need right now, it’s to keep the routines that kept me going all these while.

Let me talk to people the same way I have always been confusing them. Let me be as socially unconscious as I have always unaware of. Let me be as optimistically rigid as the law would permit me to. Let me talk to machines and other inanimate objects with the care and compassion I rarely show human beings with.

Let me be eccentric.

Let me be me.

Note: If you’re reading this, technically I’m still paying for your lunch in the end.

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