It Comes With Love…

Is love about possession? Is it justified to be possessive over the people we love? Why is it everytime we stand apart from whose we love, that cold embrace of loneliness that even we loners are accustomed to seems more…empty? Why it is always made worse when those we love are in the company of others? Somewhere in our heads, we know they are ours to hold, ours to to embrace, ours to caress. But in that moment in time…

We are standing in that doorway…alone.

We can’t but feel that twinge of jealousy can’t we? After all…we are only human. We are bound by the simple truth that we will feel and will always feel. When we feel love, it goes without saying, it is the only thing that bridges the gap between every single human emotion there ever was. So why shouldn’t be jealousy and posession be part of it? Why shouldn’t any of us feel that we shouldn’t be apart from our loved ones? Why shouldn’t any of us feel that our loved ones are for us and us alone? The answer is simple.

Because we shouldn’t.

It hurts…it hurts to see them with another person, talking, laughing, smiling…even the occassional hugs and kisses. It hurts. But we can’t blame ourselves…you can’t blame yourself. I know how insecure you are. I know how much you feel like you have to compete with every guy she talks to…every guy she talks about. But you also know that she is yours to love. She is yours to hold in a way no other man can hold. She loves you like no man she has ever loved before. Her heart, mind and soul belongs to no one else save yourself. She loves you and only you.

Rest your head on that fact.

You can’t blame her for what she does. You seriously can’t. It’s what she does, it’s who she is. She can’t deny her nature any more than you can deny yours. So why throw stones at the matter? You already have almost all you could ask for. Don’t throw that away. Don’t throw away all that you have been waiting for…all that you have been asking for.

So is love about posession? Probably. Are we justified to be posessive over the people we love. No. Should you just sit there while she talks to other guys? Hell no. Always remind her why she fell in love with you. All the things you are. If she loves you for the man you are and the person you make her be. Be just that for her. No matter how much she may smile at another, laugh with another or hug another. She knows there is only one you. The you that no one else can replace. The you that held the keys to her heart. The you that her soul rests at home to. The you that she loves.

So just be you.

She couldn’t ask for anything less.

2 thoughts on “It Comes With Love…

  1. This is what i have been looking for, thank you so much. I have a little problem , he’s this way and still has a wife, there is not much there, but when he becomes what you have described above, he uses her in a moment of rage to get back at me. If you have any comments on this e-mail me. By the way we know he is still married , we don’t see each other alone.

  2. All these things trace back to a very basic animal instinct.


    It just so happens that human beings have an emotional mind as well as our biological one; which we typically do not attribute to other animals.. though people do spoil their pets as if they do. However, if you will spend some time thinking about jealousy and the sense of possession and why we sometimes act so irrational in situations; you should find that more likely than not, it is based off of some fear of something. To learn to master any situation; learn to master your fears.

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