It Was Professor Plum…

What goes on in the mind of a serial killer? What dark twisted fate of nature and nurture can turn a person into a someone who kills over and over again? Are these people really so different from anyone of us? What do these people kill for? What do they get out of it? Pleasure? Satisfaction? Comfort?

Here in Malaysia I guess we can count ourselves lucky we don’t have that kind of situation. We have a some murder cases here and there. A few unusual ones from time to time…but never a full blown serial killer. Which leads me to one more question…do serial killers consist mostly of intelligent people? I’m not talking smart smart…but intelligent. People who know what they are doing, people who know what to leave at the scene of the crime, people who you won’t even suspect at all…

Maybe I’ve been watching CSI too much. Maybe I’ve read a little too much Agatha Christie. I think it would be a little over the line to wish that there actually was a serial killer stalking the streets of KL, picking his or her victims carefully and without prejudice (or maybe a little depending on how far the killer’s tastes go). Maybe a killer in the taste of Dr. Hannibal Lecter (forgive the pun), someone smart and refined, cultured and wise, well read and charming. Not really someone you usually put in a serial killer profile too.

Lets see how fine Malaysia’s Finest really are. Not that I doubt our boys in blue’s ability to nab the bad guys. But seriously, I’m betting even other countries can be baffled when it comes to highly unusual serial cases like this. I’m getting tired of the news blaring rape this, and sodimise that. It’s not that I’m heartless…it’s that that when it comes to crime…even I’ve got preferences. It’s either the devil you know or the devil you don’t…

So why do serial killers do the things they do? Because they can? Maybe. Because mommy never breastfed him or hugged him? Probably. One thing we have to realise is that we’re all the same. We’re all human beings…maybe we had a bad childhood, maybe we watched too much violence on TV. Think about it…what’s stopping you from becoming a killer? What line do you have that you need to cross to become as they are?

You may say that you’re not as them…but maybe people who kill aren’t the ones that are different. Maybe they are the ones who are true to their nature as human beings. Maybe we aren’t trully all good and kind…but teeth and claws, blood and brains. Maybe the most sane and most human of all of us are the ones that kill time and time again with purpose and with little prejudice.

Maybe it is the most civillised of us who are the most dangerous. Scary thought isn’t it…?

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