It’s A Big World Out There…

Somehow I’m STILL pushing the limits of my physical endurance. Is it too much to ask for a pair of rollerblades? Is it? I mean…why in the name of all that’s holy and sacred did people build something as gargantuan as that?! I don’t mind you put things that allow us to moved through it easier…but this is just plain insanity…and you just added another new section?

So it naturally comes to this question. Is bigger necessarily better? I don’t know. To me bigger is more likely to be painful obviously. Of course…how the pain comes about is a matter of debate, gender and schemantics…but that’s beside the point. You take a look at our shopping malls and massive retail outlets. KLCC? That’s for tourists. Midvalley? Just the right size. Times Square? Too empty. 1 Utama? Now that’s the beast we’re talking about. Ikano and Ikea? I swear if I go in…chances are I’m not going to come out…at least not willingly.

Now…question is…why bigger? I mean…seriously. WHY bigger? You take a look at 1 Utama and tell me if you’re actually going to finish walking around it in a day. People seem to think that the strength of the economy is proportional to the size of the shopping malls. Ok…maybe that’s not far from the truth…but think about it this way. If the shopping malls are too big…won’t the other shops within the mall suffer because it can’t be easily access by the customers?

Good God…walking ALL the way across the mall JUST to get to the MPH bookstore is ridiculous. As much as I love books, that place is no way accessible to just the ordinary joe’s who don’t live nearby.

When it comes to this…bigger ain’t better. It’s a burden. It’s a pain in the feet and in other places. Sometimes it’s all about making it the right size. Sure big is intimidating, but look what good that did to Goliath. Or what about The Great Wall of China? Pyramids anyone? Ooh ooh…how about the Maginot Line? Fat lot of good that did the French.

I just hope people won’t think big is always good. Hey…if you don’t take it from me…take it from my favourite character – Anita Blake – whom I quote from the book.

He stared down at Jason, way down, making a show of how very tall he was. “Don’t you want something a little bigger?”

“I like them small,” I said, my face very serious. “It makes oral sex easier.”

Well…that’s just dandy ain’t it…

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