It’s Not A Virus Ok…?

Alright…fine…I should never have revealed to people that I have more-than-a-standard-users-knowledge of computer system. I should have kept mum about it by not bringing Sarah with me everywhere (like that’s ever possible). I should have pretended to be one of the many people who doesn’t even know that we have to update our Windows or Antivirus everytime or install a Firewall for as long as we’re on the net.

Why am I saying this? Because for some reason these days hoards of people are tossing their laptops to me and asking me to “improve” their system. Wow…improve their system, then if anything happens even IF it’s an update window pops up…I get bombarded with tons of questions on what happened to their system. Well…I’ve got one question for all of you…WHY THE HELL DID YOU PEOPLE BUY A LAPTOP IF YOU CAN’T EVEN TAKE CARE OF YOUR PC?!

The hell…computers aren’t a fad where you can buy them at your own leisure and simple chuck all sorts of nonsense you damn well please. Most people that buy these things don’t even know the specs of their system let alone what’s installed in it. If you want something like that…buy a freaking Mac. It’s pretty…and it has less hassle to run let alone avoid the many many many security loopholes that are found in good ol’ Windows AND you have good tech support too.

But if you want to use a laptop…PLEASE PLEASE know what kinda laptop you bought and what it has first. Don’t give the excuse that your parents bought it for you because seriously…your parents AREN’T the ones using it. For the love of God, please also know the basics of taking CARE of your systems, from updating to firewalls to defragmenting.

I’m tired of hearing that any problems with your systems are the result of an imaginary virus when its because you didn’t take care of your system. I’m tired of explaining over and over again why your systems are slowing down. I’m very tired of being surprised that your major computer disasters could have been averted if you didn’t stuff in any random program you see. I’m very very tired of being the last free resort to any of your computer problems. I’m a person too you know…I have feelings and needs as well.

So yeah…you’re right and I’m wrong. If I kept it all to myself, I woudn’t have the hoards of people in that room at my face all the time asking me questions on how to install a basic program. I’ll just TRY to avoid being in that room all the time ok? I’ll spend more time doing what I always do elsewhere. At least I won’t be so so so agitated and at least my heart won’t beat so loudly as you put it.

Please give me some time to rest my weary head ok? Please…?

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