It’s Not My Fault…

Why?! I Just ask you a simple question. Why for FUCKS sake must the children pay for all the slip ups the adult makes. Why must they have to contend with the arrogance that comes from parents. Why must they be responsible when it’s never their fault. I ask you that simple a question.


Is it so hard to say you’re wrong? Is it so hard to give leeway for us when you made a mistake? We’re young…we’re NOT stupid. We know what we heard and we make sure we did not hear it wrongly. It’s just that you never pay any attention do you? None of you ever pay any attention. None of you ever listen. You think younger means dumber than you isn’t it? You think that you don’t have to pay any attention because there is no reason to.

Fuck that.

Just tell me why does it always have to be our fault? Why does it always us that will always take the blame. Why does it always have to be us that takes the fall. Why…too good for yourself? Too perfect? Think you can never make mistakes…? No no…don’t mind me. We’re young. We’re MEANT to be the scapegoat. You’re our parents. You have every right to toss us around.

Fuck that.

So go ahead…be hypocritical. Scold us for spending that INSIGNIFICANT amount of money and spend it all on rebuilding the house. Scold us for trying to work on our already faltering social life when your own is just as bad. Scold us for trying to avoid you because what’s the point when all you ever do is to critisize us day in day out without mercy or end. Do all that you want…after all…we are living under your roof aren’t we?

Fuck that.

We will eventually leave. We will eventually take ourselves far far away. Away from all that stupidity and hypocritical attitude you call “doing the best for yout kids“. We swear by it we will NEVER become like you. We will NEVER treat our kids the same way you did to us. A family isn’t built on blood…it’s built on love and understanding. You must have been sleeping in parenting school when they taught that didn’t you?

Fuck that.

They say that parents raise their kids on the best way they know how to and you know what?

This is one of those reason why I’m glad I’m leaving.

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