It’s Your Life…

Sometimes I just wish we could go back to the olden times. No I’m not talking in the sense where there wasn’t such a thing as indoor plumbing or sliced bread. If there was one part of history I always thought of bringing back. It’s feudal Japan. Alright, so they have got alot of problems like slaughtering each other, but they had a pretty good reason for it. I mean…they had no other way to deal with it. It was demanded of them to do so.

It’s just that for the longest time, the concept of honour and duty always appealed to me. That sense of justice, honesty, self-discipline and benevolence is something that just seems…right somehow. Serving your master out of respect and gratitude, not fear or spite. Protecting those weaker than you rather than abusing them for your own goals. Maybe its just me being sick and tired of a world so filled with its materialism and superficial escapism. It just makes more sense to be beyond it all…not knee deep in it and sinking.

At this point being a sociopath doesn’t sound to bad at all. I mean…if the world is so bent on making itself a living hell. Why not be apart from the rules so imposed on us? If you have a better idea that society doesn’t seem to comform to…why not use it in yourself and the world around you? It makes sense doesn’t it? I mean…it IS your life after all. Sure you live in this world, but that doesn’t mean it has to push you around and tell you how to run your life.

Think about that…really.

When all the world is so bent on strife. Sometimes its wise to run your own life.

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