It’s Yuletide…

Merry Chrismas and Happy Holidays!!

Well…so it would seem that the yuletide is upon us. Of course…it’s roughly 30-32 degrees celcius here with 100% humidity, but hey…I ain’t complaining…much. I think its too soon to tell if all my Christmas wishlist came through or not. But I highly doubt anyone sent me guns as a present. I do hope my girl is happy for as long as she lives, its important that she is.

Dinner that I cooked was….ok. The Chicken that I usually cook so well turned out to be as bland as styrofoam. But the Turkey dish which I was winging cause I didn’t know what I should do with it turned out to be better than I expected. As least my girl loved it…thats all I need to hear.

She did give me one cool thing for Christmas though…no…its not the sword either. It’s a Newton’s Cradle. I’ve always wanted that to put in my room, watching those metal balls go back and forth. It’s just a toy for the geek in me. Oooh, another cool thing though this nice soft toy of Squirt from Finding Nemo. Yeah yeah I know…me…soft toys? But hey…Samurais knew Flower arranging too so sue me already. Makes feel bad that all I made for her is one of those Native Indian Dreamcatchers…so hopefully no bad dreams can invade her sleep. Kinda hoky…but hey…its worth a try.

So we all know Christmas is a time of giving and recieving. It is also a time of miracles. Me personally the only miracles I see are all around us. The rain that falls, the wind in our hair, the balance of life as we know it. All miracles that exist in our reality. I guess it’s reasonable to designate one day to step back and cherish these small miracles that we usually don’t pay attention to. So hell…if you haven’t done it already…do it NOW.

With that I wish you all again a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukah. May your days be blessed with with happiness and joy. And may your walls not crumble like that of Troy.

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