Jackpot At The Flip Of The Coin…

Imagine if you will finding out your parents would do almost anything to give birth to you. Imagine if you will being surrounded by people who are always physically there dispite knowing they can’t do anything to help. Imagine knowing that there is someone who understands and accept for who you are rather than just judge you like society to be a freak.

Imagine all that.

Because most people are that lucky.

It’s true. A lot of people are luckier than they imagine themselves to be. We often take for granted the life that we have, oblivious of the things that make each and every one of us unique and valued for. We often wrap ourselves in our own self pity enough to blind us from all the things we should value ourselves for.

Even me.

It’s no secret I’ve been doing it.

Then again it’s hard to come out of your sell completely when you have no one there to coax you out of your shell. I know it’s all about effort, but come on…at least throw me some positive effect once in a while.

Some days it just eases my mind a bit to know that there are people out there who value their life for what it is, with the people who are there for them and the things that they have whether born with it or worked hard for it. It eases my mind to know they are peaceful and content with their lives. It’s that sort of thing I have been fighting for so long just to show to other people. That they have everything that they have to make their own heaven here on earth.

Then again there are days when life just turns everything around.

I just hate the fact people turn away from the very things that should make them appreciate their life even more. I hate to see people turn away from the things I try so desperately hard to achieve and never seem to reach. If I don’t at least reach what the rest of you have, at least give me the satisfaction of knowing you’re happy accepting all the things in your life with open arms.

That includes the things you’ve been overlooking all this time.

Everyone deserves their slice of heaven.

At least try and see past your own hurt.

You’re that lucky.

I know you are.

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  1. well… maybe this is a little irrelevant. But most people are too settled in their comfort zone that they don’t think. 

    Posted by Doey

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