Job’s Done…

Thus endeth tis seasons fineth Orientation and all I can say after all of that is…God do my legs ever hurt. I guess that when you have the reputation of having your own laptop, they are responsibilities to follow. But seriously…don’t the heads of department have their OWN portable systems? Shouldn’t it be mandatory or something? You already syphon off our money and you want me to use my stuff for YOUR presentation?. Where does that money go anyway? Holiday trips to the Caribbean? Secret lab expiments involving highly evolved phone monkeys?

I guess all I want to do is rest now. At least allow myself to shift off to my own world for a couple of hours. Still got alot of things to do…especially the Prom that’s coming up. Got to make sure I finalise the booklet by then with all the itty bitty advertisments for our sponsors. Then I got to find myself a silver grey tie…or I might have to borrow one. So many things to do…so little time.

So much so I don’t have time to think of the things I usually beat myself about. I guess that’s a good thing. Still it would be problems in the future. One way or another I would have to deal with them…but priorities first. No sense wasting time on things that can be solve in due time.

Oooh…and there is still my New Years Resolution to finalise too. Can’t forget that…definitely can’t. If I don’t start it then, I don’t have another good excuse to start doing something over the course of the year. As ambitious as I am, part of me is still as lazy as Homer. Now…to bed with a little mantra…

Miles to go before I sleep. Roads to walk before paths meet.

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