Jumping Jacks Of Joy…

Woohoo!! That’s that. One last final paper done today. One last semester to go. My hand hurts, my head hurts. I feel physically terrible. What could be better than that? Oh…don’t get me wrong, I’m no masochist. Just that it’s just too good to see one more goal done and gone (assuming I don’t fail anything). After all that’s said and done, all that hurts and aches. When you get something done…it always feels good doesn’t it? It always doesn’t matter whether you’re lying in the gutter bleeding…when you pay off the effort…nothing else seems to matter.

Maybe that’s why scratches and bites always doesn’t seem to hurt when you’re having sex. Go figure…

So what am I going to do for the two week holidays. Hmm…lets see what I’ve got planned.

1. Spend the week in Labuan and Kota Kinabalu with my relatives.
2. Work on tweaking my blog and that MSN Group I’m supposed to be in charge off.
3. Work on my Microbial Biotechnology and Human Molecular Genetics assignments (important!!).
4. Catch up on as much sleep as I can.
5. Csamlul cjhua syiictan.

Christ…at this rate, I’m booked up way until I leave. The one thing I do hope I’ll get out from all this is the fact I’ll get enough money somehow to get the things I really need to get. Preferbly the things I need before I leave for Australia. Right now, I’m still waiting for the offer letter from Charles Sturt University to come in because without it, I can’t make my passport, visa and get my plane tickets. One thing at a time…but I like to get all the technicalities over and done with.

Maybe I’ve got a lot of time…but as far as I estimate, I’m cutting it pretty close in timing. I’ve got alot of things to settle before I leave…I don’t even know whether or not I have enough time to settle all of them. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I say better work now relax later than the other way round (yeah right…like I always take that advice).

On the plus side I DID get my hands on a camera for myself. It’s an old tech 2 megapixel dinosaur. But I’m not a photophile yet and I’ll see what kind of shots I can get away with first. Who knows…with my track record…I’d probably get arrested for spying or something like that. Gee….reminds me of something Irma said in the chatroom. “These days, everything is related to being suspected of terrorism“.

Yeah…you, me, the janitor, the ant on the floor and that bird roosting near my window…

Now if you’d excuse me…I’ve got some…umm…electronic stuff to work on…

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