Karmic Reasons

I’ve always wondered about the ugly side to karmic law. When something good happens, does this mean by balance that something bad has to happen? Now taking it to one level, bad things happen to you to equalise the good things and vice versa. We all understand that. But what if we take to a universal level. Where you do things that creates a cause and effect on others. What if bad things happen to you that allows good things to hapen to others. Or bad things happen to them to allow good things to happen to you.

I’m talking about this because recently my friend’s laptop and my own desktop (Sarah-III) screwed up at about the same time. Right after that…I got my new laptop. I know I know…it’s a far-fetched logical conclusion and it could just be a coincidance. But I’m an apt pupil of things happening for a reason. Could by some twisted sense of life, that happened and caused me to get my own new husk for Sarah? My own desktop I can understand, but my friend’s?

I spent a while trying to cheer her up because I tried to fix it myself. But there is so much you can do when the hard disk is completely shot to hell…with her assignments lost inside forever. I don’t know, I’m starting to see so much inter-relation with small things and big events in the world. It’s hard to draw the line to which small thing is actually an important event. It scares me to think that whatever any single person does can eventually have vast concenquences on the surrounding reality.

On the lighter note, my sketch is finally done today. That’s right, the horrible planning and lack of preparation. It was ok, so I heard from others, funny in some ways. I guess that’s the credit to the rest of the team. But I swear I’m never going to to that again. I know my limits and directing something like that isn’t my forte. I’m more plan and coordinate tasks, not give people the artistic representation of what they should be. But, it’s over and done with and I’n relaxed for now…that is maybe not so relaxed. I’ve got a Physiology test to do tomorrow. Body parts body parts…now I have an inkling of what medical students go through.

Well off to take a shower, and watch TV first. Then we hit the books at night. It’s going to be a long night. Luckily…I’ve got loads of chocolate to keep me awake.

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