Ladies And Gentlemen…

What do we have here today? Laughs, love, heat, errands, meeting friends, more friends and people whom you have no idea who they are. Did I miss anything out? No I don’t think so. That’s pretty much it for the day. Good night all. I’ll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitress.

What? More? Alright.

Here is something to ponder for today. I was imagining what it would be like to be meeting the parents of my significant one. I mean knowing me and what I can tend to do, there can be two possible outcomes to meeting the parents for the first time:

1. They instantly like me.
2. They instantly hire short, cute, exotic characters to try and off me.

Ok, fine that sounded like something some of you might have already come across, but you get the point anyway. Of course I would try and get along. I’d do anything. Short of…well…actually I WOULD do anything to really try and get along with them. Seriously. I mean…they are the parents of my loved one. Why else shouldn’t I put out a good impression? Unless they are trying to kill me.

Then that’s singing a different tune.

Speaking of tunes and continuing the same tune for today. There was also this Xfresh Gathering. Oh it was nothing much. Being part of them…the original bunch who jump started the thing, I might as well drop on by for a while. No regrets nontheless. Alot of the people whom I know from Xfresh are in fact bloggers. That makes it a whole lot easier. First there was Lionel and Steph, which for some reason our entire conversation later degraded into one phrase that still makes no sense to me.

Wee Wee the Poo.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that statement.

Then we have Elena, Albert, Syef and Corinne. Gee…if there was any more, it’ll be more of a Blog Gathering than an Xfresh Gathering. I think other people had blogs too…but too bad. I didn’t stick around long enough to find out anyway. I had…other things to run to (really not more important than you…just…had to be done…I swear!!).

Other than that…back to imagining what it would be like to get along with other parents. Yeah…I have no idea why this is popping into my head…but…yeah…imagining.

I’m scared already.

That being said…let’s wrap it up and go to bed. Now really…you’ve been a great audience. Good night folks.

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