Lend Them Your Hand…

The needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few. Does it always have to be one person who has to sacrifice himself for the sake of others to succeed? One person to draw a bullet so that others may advance in battle. One person to undergo immense torture to so that the secrets of others may be safe. One person to take the blame so that others may walk free. Is that what nobility is all about? If it appeals to people so much…why doesn’t anyone else do such a thing?

We watch alot of it in movies and TV. Shows where people sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Shows where it’s one man giving his life so that a the many may live. Shows where people sacrifice their ideals and principles for something greater than just them. They are just so many shows themed like that. We may start to question where are those people in this world?

Oh those people exists, heroes like them do indeed exist. We see them everyday. People who put themselves in the line of fire to protect and serve. Police officers, firemen, soldiers…even doctors do what they can everyday to ensure our safety and that we can rest easy. People who can sacrifice themselves so that we have a little piece of mind. I mean come on really…how often do most people think about such things until it hits them? When’s the last time you thought of defending your own country or your citizens? When’s the last time you imagined yourself saving the life of another from a burning building or not sleeping because you’re dealing with trauma cases for the last 29 hours?

Putting our lives on the line for so that other people can rest better is more often the last thought on people’s minds. Come on, my niece and uncle fell down rather messily in a park the other day and this lady just walks on by looking at them. LOOKING?! My my…that’s got to score karmic points for her. I had to help a blind man find his way up to the LRT station recently too and all people could do was just look at me as if I’m some poor deluded individual. People these days don’t even bat an eye for the misfortunes of others, what makes us think they are willing to put their lives on the line for something more?! And yet movies of honour and courage appeal to us?!

Ok alot of you may argue that they are alot of spoilt apples in among these type of people. But hey…6 billion people on this planet. Are you going to pass judgement on all of them because some people mess it up? Could you say anything better for yourself too in that case? Do we repay these people who have the dignity to stand for us with dismissal and ignorance? Or do we repay them by emmulating their qualities? Qualities that are lacking on out society, in our world.

I’m not asking people to start sacrificing their lives for some ideal…no. I’m just asking people to start small…start with the common courtesies. You don’t have to climb down the ladder to pull people up…no. Just the ones right under you. Let them pull others right under them. Don’t think of it as a chore or duty…think of it as something you owe it to others who do this everyday on bigger terms. Think of this as something you can sleep to at night…when someone is there to give you that hand when you really need them the most.

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