Life’s Twisted Sense Of Irony

Has anyone ever had this happen to you before? You resolve to save money…and you do it well too. Then suddenly something happens out of your control and you blow all the money you saved at once. I don’t know about you, but that’s how it goes for me. And it was until recently that I found out it happens to some other people too. How is it all a sudden your car door can just not open? Tis a strange world we live in.

RIVERDANCE is in less than 3 hours. Got to double check that I actually STILL have my tickets. Yeah…can’t really wait for it. This to me is like a once in a lifetime event. I always loved to see it ever since I was a kid…but for them to perform here and me having a chance to watch it. This is too surreal. I do hope karmic law doesn’t balance this out with something bad later. I hate to have that bad thing be my finals…knock on wood.

Anyway I think I managed to pull off making my blog layout good (at least to me). I know I know…some people keep stressing its my content. But then again…I guess I like to prove to myself that I can do something that’s stylish. I’ve always been envious of people who have it easy to design things with ease. I don’t have that talent and I like to think I worked hard to prove that I can be somewhere around there. Just the insecure perfectionist in me I guess.

Oh well..I got to get ready to go to LRT station right now. Do have a show to catch anyway…sweet Irish music…mmmmm.

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