Lights, Camera, Action!

If ever it was up to me to nominate any Oscar award nominees… I have more than a few people in mind. People whom we meet everyday, people whom we see everyday, people whom we know, whom we talk to. If we were to say that these people are not actors or actresses, well….think again…

Look at them…take a long look and think…

I just took a smile test yesterday. It was a test to see if you can recognise if the smile was fake or not. it was posted in friendster not long ago. Go check it out for yourself. But anyway, as i was saying, i took the test and i got 15 out of 20 correct. that started me thinking. We never ever know if someone is genuine in how they are feeling right?

Your friends can just smile and tell you everything is alright but in their hearts they are thinking that “Get a grip and get a life girl!!”. The receptionaist may smile and say don’t worry, i’ll explain it again but in her heart she’s cursing you why don’t you just get that simple procedure into your dense head!!?? Even your parents may tell you that it’s ok, you can do better next time in ur exams but in their heart it’s nothing but frustration and anger.

It kinda makes you look at everyone under a different light now doesn’t it?

Most people do it because they NEED to do it. Because it’s their job. Like the receptionist or PRs or any other jobs which requires social skills. But then, is it a job to be someone’s friend? Is it a job to be someone’s parent? Is it a job to be someone’s partner or soulmate? Do we need to lie to all these people?

I’m asking all these because recently i realised how some people can act one way in front of certain people and differently in front of others. And the worse part is, the actors/actress actually succeed in leading the others on! That i say…that the person really deserve the Oscars more than the actors and actresses in Hollywood. The thing worse than knowing that you have a fake for a friend, family or soulmate is that you KNOW that they are fakes and you can’t do anything about it. Why? Because you are afraid that you might be wrong and that you might ruin a wonderful relationship. Because you are afraid that you might hurt the fake. Because you think that who are you to judge because nobody is perfect.

Fear is always the key to failure…

How? How in the world do we handle all these people when most of us are fakes ourselves? Even i admit that i am a fake at times. I realise that we need to say certain things to make others feel happy or good. We need to hide somethings from certain people so as not to hurt them. But is that any good? Is that the best thing to be done? People always say that communication is important. That communication helps in every relationship no matte with your parents, friends, spouses, lecturers, co-workers, bosses… But what if the communication if fake? All the things the were put through to you are not true? Is communication still important then?

The bad thing about being a fake yourself is that you either have to wear that mask that you always have or face the world. Me? I just want to be true. I stripped of my mask a while back. I’m still getting used to it. There are many things that i’m still scared of doing…that i fear. But knowing you are there to help me through it…i’m much braver. Just be true to yourself ok?

Always be true…

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