Live A Long Life…

It’s WS-Day+10…

If you had the chance to do so…would you live forever? I mean, not in the books, not in the legacy you create, not the words that are being passed down…but physically. Would you choose to physically live forever? Ok…maybe forever is a long time (no kidding sherlock), how bout throw in say…2000 years. No? What about 1000? 500? What about 250 extra years to your lifespan?

Maybe the more perceptive of you would say “I don’t want to live my life as a wrinkled prune!“. Ok fine…what if I could give you delayed aging? Or better yet…barely even age at all. Would you still do it? Would you still take the chance to live forever or at least a long long long time?

I don’t know…it’s always been my grand obsession to live forever. Think about it as the ultimate “out of the box” idea. The very proof to us that nothing is impossible for as long as we are willing to do anything and everything in our power to reach it. The personification of the very ideal that we alone control our destiny not some higher unseen being.

It’s not that I fear death…oh no, I still welcome death in open arms many a times, death is my friend, we’re old buddies. But since having close encounters with death before, one gains a fresh new outlook on life, a profoud respect for not just life…but anti-life. It’s become a game for me, so study death, to understand what it means to die, to know what happens when we die. All of it in order to challenge death in the face at the greatest time game…can I beat my own ticking clock?

There is something to be said for a person whose life work is to defy death (yeah…loony), but seriously, people ask…why bother? Life is hell…why add to it? My answer is this…its not whether or not you life forever, it’s what you’re willing to do with it once you got it. To me…there is so much to see and do out there in the world…THIS world. I haven’t even started on the many OTHER worlds in the universe out there. I haven’t even started on the possibilities of the many universes out there.

If such wealth of beauty and horror lie even on our own world, waiting to be discovered…why wait for the end and never know that such infinite wonders and experiences exist? I know what I can do with the rest of my life.

Thing is…if you knew what you were going to do…would you still take it?

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