Long Distance Call…

You know you really mean business or you really are in the loop when you do something that you don’t often do. In fact…you do something that most people won’t even concieve of you doing. I don’t know. Sometimes I need answers and yes I can get the answers by myself. It has always been that way. But sometimes I need a little more inspiration of another kind.

I made a call to God today.

Alright…so I don’t expect a reply anytime soon. The Big-Chief always has this way of telling me exactly what I need to hear. Kinda reminds me of the Oracle in Matrix. Always in ways I don’t realise unless I’m looking for it at that moment in time. Kinda creepy in a way, think about it. The answers to the problems you seek…just like that. If it isn’t the answers…then at least some directional point you can start making your decisions on.

Somehow that isn’t like me isn’t it? Here I am…the science guy. Someone who always builds things on logic and facts. Hard to believe that I would dig into things considered new age and hokie. But whatever works works doesn’t it? Science is science…the rest is still unexplored. Like I know how to use a solar panel to power things…even though I don’t know the exact science behind how it works. I know signs and coincedences work for me.

But I haven’t the foggiest clue how it works.

Gee…makes you wonder what other things in the world you use but you don’t know how it works. Your car? Oh…definitely the computer you use. That discman you carry around. What about the expresso maker? I know some of you don’t even know how to work the damn thing.

The world is built upon layers and layers of things we don’t understand but we still use anyway. Thing is…should you know how it works? Pretty much depends, all I know is…the more independant you want to be, the more you should know about everything around you. After all…if ever you are to survive on your own terms, you got to know at least how to run it if not fix the things you rely on.

Because the less you know about your surroundings, the more you have to rely on the people around you. Not bad if you know alot of people, but in my books, relying on people means being in their tender mercies. There will always be a day where no one will be around to help you…then what? You fall apart?

Not a good thing to be in right?

Well beats me…ask yourself would you rather spend the rest of your life going after people who most likely will return vague, even more confusing explainations on whatever you’re having problems with…or would you rather stand on your own two feet knowing how to deal with the ever confusing pile-up of things threatening to make you feel dumber than you already are?

That’s a no brainer there…or is it?

God help us if it is…

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