Matrix Overload

6 more times. 6 more times until I’ve watched Matrix for the 100th time. Crazy you may say…but I say not. People have watched lesser movies with equal intensity as I watch Matrix. My friends and I have come up with some pretty nifty theories about The Matrix. It’s regarding the possibility of another person who can control the Matrix aside from Neo as shown in the final scene with Neo on the phone. If Neo is the one…why is there another person controling the Matrix as well. I understand that this person is working FOR the machines and that Neo is trying to recruit him. But as the One, doesn’t he hold all the powers already?

Then watching it again and again, I realised something. Something the Oracle said…being the One is like being in love, only you can know it for yourself. Could this mean that everyone has the power to control the Matrix? Just that they don’t really believe that they can? It’s like Agent Smith said…Human beings define their reality through suffering and misery, that’s why the first Matrix didn’t work for humans…everything was too perfect. So if everything was based on human being’s pessimism and misery. No one would realise they can control their own reality or lives…which ironically is what is going on now…in OUR world.

This is why I so love The Matrix, it just makes you question everything. From why everything tastes like chicken to your own destiny that you may or may not control. Well…I for one ain’t going to miss this for the world. I’m almost to watching The Matrix for the 100th time and when Matrix: Reloaded comes out, it’s going to be the same deal. This time however, I’m going all in character for the premier. All black with the usual shades…which incidentally is how I usually dress. However count me out on the trenchcoat. It’s average 32 degrees celsius with 100% humidity here. I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid. I don’t want to hardboil myself in this side of the equator.

Anyway…got my shades repaired today cause I broke them while washing my clothes. So that’s one down and whats left it booking the tickets in advance. Now to get some sleep and work onthe buggy tomorrow. Things seem to be going almost fine that it’s scary…:)

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