Micro Management

Am I ever tired. I don’t remember being this mentally exhausted doing what I did. Ensuring all programs ran smoothly on time, making sure everyone has something to do and all events had no problems, thinking on the spot to get things done. Thank God I had a partner to overlook the other things when I’m not around. Talk about real life on the hands control. I felt like I was playing another one of those RTS games, instead this time it’s real life I’m messing around with. My friend repeatedly smirked that I enjoyed doing it…which I did really. Just that it can get real tricky at times when you have to be at 2 places at once and that you have to solve 3 different problems at the same time. I don’t remember any RTS game being like that…short of maybe Homeworld.

On the other hand, there is one thing I can say about the Freshmen its that they are too…normal maybe? Nothing particularly outstanding about them, no crazy guy who talks alot. No brilliant look in any of their eyes that can decieve people. More often than not, the seem pretty blur most of the time. Maybe it’s the fact that they are still getting used to the atmosphere. Who knows…I might find a fellow kin in class later on. Can’t be too sure about the future. Maybe I’ll see it tomorrow. After all, there is one more day of Orientation to go. That means one more day of poking people in the head and telling them what to do. I just somehow wish I have a giant cursor that will make it much easier.

I do hope this time they will come earlier than today. I was actually the first person there anyway, while people supposed to come at 0830 hours, most people decided to grace themselves by coming half an hour later, which caused the entire thing to be set back in time. That played hell with our schedule. Hope that doesn’t happen tomorrow, my partner and I purposely told them to come earlier than they should so God forbid if they are late, at least they will still be on time.

Well, I’ve got to fine tune another project which happens to be the Freshmen Camp. Happens this Friday unless no one wants to signup. Well…got to get some early sleep tonight. Got to have an early breifing tomorrow. I wonder what they’ll say next? “Poke Poke Poke…is that all you ever do?

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