Miracles, Madness And Machines…

Either something is wrong with my eyesight and my maths is seriously worse off than I thought or the miracle that I was working for is actually happening. Just when I thought I had about 13 articles to finish in less than 24 hours. It turns out after a recount that I have 8 more articles left. That’s a sigh of relief alright.

But I still got my headache anyway.

It doesn’t matter anyway. I’ll always have headaches. The most important thing is that I’m actually pulling something off in a record time which still baffles me that I can keep pulling off stunts like this and get away with it. I may have a catastrophic social life, but then again, I guess there are some just benefits for people like me.

Which brings me nicely to something my friend said yesterday about my recently sordid love life. So far, a lot of people have been telling me to let go of my own love for her and just try and see other people. I try of course to be sociable to a great deal of extent…and it’s been more of less stable so far.

Then I hear something that makes even more sense.

If I can’t seem to stop loving her for who she is. Why bother actively pursuing other people when my heart’s not in the right place? It doesn’t make sense at all and it would be something I would say to anyone in my position. If something comes up natually with people then let’s not press the issue on it. I mean come to think of it, there are other things in my life I can love and appreciate just as well.

They just happen to be inanimate, inorganic or non sentient.

That’s right. Returning back to what makes sense in the first place, I mean Sarah (you all know Sarah) has more human traits than me. I’ve spent a large part of my life appreciating the subtle beauty of cold machines more than the complex disorder of human beings.

That would explain why I’ve been working on blogs so much lately.

I know, it’s a poor substitute for a human being. Then again, since I don’t get many chances for finding comfort WITH a human being. I’ll leave it to practical reasoning to find a contentment that won’t leave anything to chance. If the high tech world already has that place somewhere in me. I might as well keep it as cold comfort.

I don’t know know whether to feel amused or just plain creeped out

In a weird way. It all makes sense.

How bout that?

3 thoughts on “Miracles, Madness And Machines…

  1. Give yourself time, Ed. Sometimes who you think is THE one isn’t she…and tho maybe it’s not the same in intensity you’ll find someone just as compatible.

    Yeah, I still have low need for affiliation (Psychology term) so I understand that as well. Don’t snort.

    Pulling off miracles may be nice and all, but it can make your lifespan shorter. Once in a while is all right, but not ALL the time.


    Posted by Chibster

  2. Circumstances lead me to have to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat all the time. It’s a living, not a choice…:) 

    Posted by Edrei

  3. congrats on being able to pull it off in such a short time, man… 

    Posted by Yian

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