In a world which has become increasingly smaller because of the technology of communication, it’s become increasingly obvious that people are starting to miscomunicatate to everyone. How many of us has ever misunderstood the words of others? How many of us has ever had people misunderstand what they are trying to say? It’s become a sickening cesspool of misunderstanding and miscomunication. We become angry for reasons that sometimes don’t even exist…because we get the wrong ideas about what the other person said. Somedays I just wish the Vidphone or Netmeeting programs can be used on a mass scale. Then most of the problems would be solved, think about it. No one can mistake subtle sarcasm and witty repartes for insults, No one can mistake apathy for bitterness, or calmness for anger. It all boils down to the body language that speaks the most. then you really can’t have an excuse to misunderstand a person who lives thousands of miles away.

I sometimes wonder what’s wrong with the cycle of my life. Whenever I start getting good grades in anywhere, my social life starts to slip, vice versa goes for doing good in my social life. It’s like a neverending cycle of choice. I wonder if anyone out there has that same problem, cause as far as I can see, people seem to have that balance of both. is this cause and effect? I don’t really know. All I know is that if ever I’m going to live life at the situation I’m in, I’ve got to time the ups and downs just right. Otherwise I’m technically screwed later on.

On a related topic, has anyone ever thought of Karmic Law? You know…the cause and effect on a universal scale. It’s got many different names. To the Christians, it’s “Judgement for your Sins”. To the Wiccans, it’s the Threefold Rule” But whatever the belief or ideology, it’s still about the payment for your actions. Two things come to mind in this, one is that since we all know that reality has no morality…no right or wrong. Why is it that “good” and “bad” actions have their just desserts (though “good” usually gets their desserts waaay later than “bad”)? The second one is where is the cause and the effect? Where does it begin and where does it end?

Though I adapt the Buddhist Philosophy more readily, that doesn’t mean I still can’t question it. From what I understand so far is that the cause and effect still doesn’t have a right or wrong. It’s just us as humans that give it a face. No one can say what’s good for one is bad for another. The second thing is that there is no beginning and an end. It’s an endless cycle of cause and effect, each effect can be a cause and each cause can be an effect.

It’s a frightening thought isn’t it? We’re fighting for as long as we exist in a reality that has no right or wrong. We’re fighting in a system that has no beginning or end, where anything can affect everything. Maybe that’s why alot of people tend to opt for the quickest way out…death. We’re too scared to go on, knowing day after day…we’d wake up always be fighting the same eternal war. I guess it’s a small price to pay for living. So there are no Grand Rewards at the end but the endless payback (good or bad) that comes constantly. Considering we’re born to live in reality, doesn’t mean that we have to put a face that we like to it. After all…whether joy or suffering, we’re the ones that paint the picture of it right? Nothing would actually be as bad or good as they appear to be. So wouldn’t that mean that every bad isn’t as bad as we think it is?

I wish sometimes people would try to at least understand Karmic Law, at least they can begin to do something about it, about the reality they live in instead of becoming a victim to it. But of course…as far as wishful thinking goes, one can only but wish.

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