Misery Loves Company

Ever felt what is it like to touch the heart and soul of someone…even someone you didn’t know? Or felt so completely at peace with someone whom is just by your side at that very moment? There is little difference between the two, just that for one, you’re giving meaning to the the life of that someone, and the other…you’re giving meaning to your own life or at least one of it’s very essences. Starring into that moment of silence and feeling nothing but contentment and completeness.

As I’m writing this right now, the love of my life is right by my side…telling me to listen to the songs of recently deceased Hong Kong superstar Leslie Cheung. I can’t help to notice the similarity of this situation. The man who in many ways touched the hearts and soul of people who knew him through his songs and movies. And at the same time my girlfriend who gave me a little piece of myself back…part of the soul I thought I’ve lost.

So how would this relate to other people? Simple…what if everyone had at least one person in their life that could give them the parts of themselves that they always thought they lost. Give them the chance of happiness and contentment. Wouldn’t that mean the world would technically be a better place? Each of us giving and recieving in return a reason to live…a small slice of heaven. The only problem is that most of us don’t give others the chance or give ourselves the chance to be happy. Most people’s general theory is this…”If I’m miserable, you should be miserable too. After all misery loves company.”.

I guess to all that reads this, the next time you see someone in pain, or feel that you’re in pain yourself. Don’t hesitate to lend a hand to others or accept a hand from others. Screw ego and all that. Yes it’s corny, and alot of us don’t have the willingless to go ahead and trust. But what would you have to lose if you’re lending a hand? When you’re stuck in a rut with no way out, what would you have to lose by accepting a hand? The world may be sucky…but doesn’t mean we have to make it worst for other people and ourselves.

Think about it…sometimes a little relief can be right under your nose.

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