More Exams

It’s been a long day’s night…and I am going to sleep like a log. Algebra and Trigonometry wasn’t as bad as I thought. Hell, I could even finish the paper…but I’m apathic about the results. I don’t know how good it is, but I don’t know how bad it is. All I know is…I finished it and hopefully even if I get the bloody thing wrong, I’d get marks from doing it anyway. Tomorrow it’s going to be Computing Essentials, to those that don’t know what it is, let me summarise it. Basically if you can hear the echoes of “this is a keyboard, press this and you get this….bla bla…microsoft…bla bla…security…bla bla…bugs...” then by all means, that’s Computing Essentials to you. So I’m going to skip studying that and go straight to revising my dreaded Calculus.

Other than that…A-Levels Orientation was today. Though I wasn’t involved with it, I showed my face there to poke fun and mess with the freshmen. Not like it matters anyway, we’re almost the same as them. Like my friend said…what the heck are we going to say? “You peeps listen to us you know…we’re TWO months your senior.” That probably sounds more sad than pathetic. But hell, give a good impression make new friends…which is what we did.

At least now I have an idea what I’m going to do for next Orientation which is May 5th. Got alot to prepare by then after the exams. Ahhh, this is what I live for.

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