Moulding Clay…

My hands. My only companion during my constant bouts of melancholic thoughts.

They are the only true connection between reality and me. There is nothing more real than being able to hold and feel the things you experience. Nothing changes your perception more than being able to cradle and hold what you desire the most. To carress, to embrace that which you love. Of course…when you realise it’s nothing more than another form of perception…

Kinda changes everything doesn’t it?

It’s hard to put a faith in anything at all when you begin to realise that everything you see, hear, touch, taste and smell are but fragments of the reality we live in. After all…how can we put faith in something that constantly changes everytime we move through time and space? That’s usually the case for any of us that has ever been disillusioned, those of us who have been so shaken by the fact that nothing in this world is ever what it seems. Everything is in constant flux…changing, merging and reshaping itself by the way we sense it.

How could any of us trust what we cannot be certain in?

But it doesn’t mean that we have to mistrust the world we inhabit. It’s just that…we’re human beings that’s all. This is our limitation and it is our right. This is what we have to contend with should we hope to move on in our lives. Sure…nothing we experience can be an assured absolute reality…but it’s as real as it gets for us. If you have never tasted reality for more than it’s worth or learn to live with and enjoyed the perceptions all around you. What gives anyone the right to ask for more?

Would you rather cut yourself off from the only way you’re going to make it through the world? Tear off the only way you can navigate the tidal pools of reality? Or would you choose to live with these “lies” of reality? Question the validity of whether or not what you’re experiencing is true and making the best choices on what you know at each given moment and move on, move foward?

No brownie points for guessing eh?

The world…this reality is our own little playground. It is the reflection of our own ability to experience reality. The world we live in is proportional to our overall outlook on it. The worse you look at life, the worse you will face. The better you look at life, the better things will get for us. It works, it has always worked. It’s one of the system that has never failed us. You are literally your own world.

So why would you denouce perception? Do you have anything else better to work on?

My hands. They are the companions for my thoughts. They are just tools for perception. Tools in which I work so hard to reshape reality to my own choosing.

How could I ask for anything more?

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