Movie Buff

Wow…what’s wrong with me lately. I’m becoming movie crazy. I mean…I’m always a movie fan, even learnt alot about what to do from movies, from love to life. But lately, I’ve gotton myself hold on alot of movies. The movies which Ive been dying to watch that I never have a chance to…but now thanks to my line, I can get them. Right now, I just came back from watching The Recruit with Al Pacino and Colin Farrel in it. Great spy movie…rekindles memories of when I had my little spy club when I was in primary school. Of course, I was a lonely kid then…the membership was just 2 people, my friend and I turned the whole neighbourhood and school into one giant place to drop messages and write secret codes. We even had this nifty spy set we made from a matchstick box. To be back in those days…seemed surreal.

So right now, I’m halfway watching, Monthy Python and the Holy Grail. It’s one of those classics I never watched because I was born later in life. It’s stupidly funny and I can’t stop laughing at it. Next up I’ve got another comedy that I missed, History ot the Word Part I. Knowing the snippets of it…I can’t wait to watch.

Speaking of which, this Saturday I’m going to watch X-Men II also. See what I mean…so many movies I can’t miss. Plus I recently found out that Matrix Reloaded opens May 15th. Which means I’m head up for it. I think I’m going to break my own record of watching it so many times. Ive already watched The Matrix like 92 times already, 8 of which were at the cinema alone. I so love that movie. One of those movies that makes you quetion reality. Are we really here? Which is the dream and which is reality? The other movies that are just like that are Anime’s like Lain: Serial Experiment and Ghost in a Shell or maybe the movie The 13th Floor. It’s rare to get movies that make you question reality so much, but you can’t resist them anyway. After all…who wouldn’t want to question reality?

Who are you? Why are you here? What is here? Where is my choclolate? Mmmmm….chocolate. Makes you wonder eh?

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