Musings From The Laundry Room…

Fine…so I’m more bored than I admit to myself, but I just realised that doing your laundry in a public laundry room is could be one of those underdog moments in life. The kind where you don’t appreciate the time you spend alone with yourself but only waste those precious moments in time that you can’t get back by being impatient.

It’s either that or the laundry powder in the air is still getting to me.

Have you ever tried to stop something you knew could not be stopped? Have you ever wish you didn’t start something because the only way to end it was to see it through? Don’t you just wished you could just go back to the beginning of what you’ve started with what you know now to change what ever happened then? If you realised that the rest of your life is made up of things that you have to see through whether you like it or not, would you see it through?

It’s true isn’t it? No matter what good we go through…we never stop to appreciate the singular moments that lead to it. But whenever we start to face the horrible core in life…we freeze. We freeze when we realise that there is no way for us to go back to where we start. We freeze because we can’t bear to face the concequences of what we are about to face in the future.

When I walked through the passport checking area, I didn’t want to move foward…and I wanted so much to run back to you. I never told you this…but for that few seconds of eternity I couldn’t move. I stood there wishing I never gone down that escalator. Wishing that those moments could have just froze for ourselves. Our eternity in a moment…forever and never apart. But life isn’t that lenient isn’t it?

Stuck in the present, unable to go back into the past and unwilling to step into the future.

We’re just dead where we stand.

So how does anyone deal with it anyway? How does anyone face the realisation that there is something really bad coming your way in the future. Maybe you can or you really can’t…but time doesn’t stop for no one. One way or another whatever you start will have to finish whether by your hand or by life’s hand. One way or another, whether you like it or not, there will always be concequences for your choice and your actions.

The least you can do is to end it on your own terms.

We’ve all had our regrets in life…and we’re all going to face things we are going to regret in life. That is the sad truth. But in realising that we have something bad to look foward in the future, won’t that mean we have more time to prepare for its outcome? We know it’s going to come…why not put up a buffer between you and what’s going to happen? Why not move yourself to a less detrimental loss to what you would face if you did nothing at all and let life run its course?

You’ve already started eating the porcupine, the least you can do is cut the rest of the spines off before you finish it.

I’m not going to tell you how you’re going to slow down the pain that’s going to come. I’m not going to give you the solution to all your problems. All I’m going to tell you is that it can be done. All I can say is that all you need is to have a little faith in the fact that it’ll all be over and you’ll pull through no matter what.

Life goes on…and on…and on.

Time to put out the wet clothes to dry.

Time to finish what’s been started.

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