Musings On The Sidewalk Bench…

Remember a few days ago when I was saying how can something so alien feel so familiar? This is about one of those times. One of the hallmarks of a nice spring day is when you can sit on the sidewalk tables drinking coffee and write your own blog and watch as the world around you passes you by in a small quiet town.

Ok so I don’t have enough money to buy coffee.

But the thought is there anyway.

I mean…this is something you can rarely do back home. Short of the weather being cloudy and all. There is nothing like a nice cool air and a warm sun overhead to make you feel that the world isn’t as bad as you once lived it. Maybe that’s the appeal of being by the countryside. There is nothing in the world short of you basically living life that could spoil your day.

But I don’t know…

Maybe I’ve lived a city life too long.

Maybe I’ve forgotten how to enjoy life as it is as a simple person. How everything now has to be weary and paranoid. How people shouldn’t be trusted at first light and always watched should they attempt to stab you in the back. As optimistic as I am…these are my roots. It’s kept me alive for so long, I don’t know where surviving ends and living actually begins.

Oh well…the bus is here. Time to pack up.

I’ll continue this in my room.

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